AutoStart Diesel Generator 25KVA -1000KVA


AutoStart Diesel Generator 25KVA -1000KVA

AutoStart Diesel Generator 25KVA -1000KVA

Autostart generators are capable of remote start, meaning that these units can be started by an external signal, such as one that might come from an inverter when it detects a set battery voltage level. The control over the generator’s operation—that is, when to run and when to stop—is external to the generator, while the generator provides its own safety protection, such as shutoff for low oil level, overheating, and other factors.

Among remote-start generators, the simplest is the “two-wire start,” in which a closed contact tells the generator to start and run. When the contacts open, the generator stops. All inverters with generator-start capability can control the generator in this method, as can other system components such as a manual switch, a voltage-controlled relay, a threshold signal in some system monitors, and even a signal triggered by a big load.


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