Color Matching Cabinet (Light Box)


Color Matching Cabinet (Light Box)

Color Mactching cabinet are designed in accordance with ASTM D1729, and lights standard of C.I.E.
The cabinet are intended for use by industry work shops, manufacturers, processors and inspectors, in short, for
anyone involved with color and color matching on products, incorrect formulation can be avoided.

Application: Paint, ink, pigment, cream manufacturer and processor’s and painting’s color matching                           ● Plastic, rubber,textile and leather goods color matching ● Cars / Vehicles and machine finish color matching       ● Cosmetic, food, chemical, medicine and papers industries color assessment  ● Glass, porcelain, enamel, construction materials color assessment.

Model Name Pcs Power Color Temperature


D65 International-standard artificial daylight 2 18W/Piece 6500K
TL84 Applicable to stores in Europe, Japan ,China 2 18W/Piece 4000K
F-Comparison referential light source 4 40W/Piece 2700K
UV-Ultraviolet light source 1 20W/Piece
CWF- Applicable to USA store 2 20W/Piece 4200K

Model 1: Specification :

Lamps:  D65x2, Ax4, CWFx2, UVx1
Outside DIM.(mm): L710xD460xH580
Inside DIM.(mm): L680xD420xH405
Housing Steel case with paint finishing
Counter :9999/H
Power supply:  AC110/240V, 60/50Hz
Weight Net: weight 32Kg

Model 2 Large : Specification: 

Lamps : D65x2, Ax4, CWFx2, UVx1,TL84x2,U30x2
Outside DIM.(mm): L1320xD620xH820
Inside DIM.(mm): L1300xD600xH800
Housing Steel case with paint finishing
Counter :9999/H
Power supply :AC110/240V, 60/50Hz
Weight Net:  weight 45Kg


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