Custom Made Hydraulic Press Cylinder


Custom Made Hydraulic Press Cylinder

Custom Made Hydraulic Press Cylinder  1 – 10000 tons

KR hydraulic cylinder are used in forging, forming and bending presses where enormous forces of up to 10.000 t per hydraulic cylinder are required.

As a result of the forming processes the hydraulic cylinders are subject to enormous dynamic pressure surges which can only be controlled by precise design calculations, sophisticated cylinder designs and accurate manufacturing.


There are a range of cylinder types to choose from. Work with a qualified engineer to compare different types of custom hydraulic cylinders and custom pneumatic cylinders for your specific equipment. Here are the basic options you can choose from when starting a custom cylinder design:

  • Mill duty
  • Welded
  • Tie rod
  • Double Acting
  • Single Acting
  • Large Bore Cylinders

Cylinder Capabilities

Cylinder Sizes
– Bore sizes 32mm to 900mm
– Rod sizes 20mm to 300mm
– Maximum stroke length: 5 meter
– Operating pressure from 210bar to 700bar
Cylinder Styles
– Welded
– Double Rod
– Tie-Rod
– Single and Double Acting
– Mill Type
Mounting Options
– Clevis
– Flange
– Foot Mount


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