Digital Haze Meter


Digital Haze Meter

Haze Meter is a Digital haze meter designed according to GB2410-80 and ASTM D1003-61 (1997). It is suitable for the test of parallel flat or plastic film samples. It can be widely used in the optical performance test of haze
and light transmittance of transparent and translucent materials. The instrument has the characteristics of small structure and convenient operation.

Standard : ASTM D1003_61(1977) JISK7105

Mainly used to determine the optical properties of transparent, translucent parallel planar materials and plastic films. It is an essential food for plastics and glass products. This instrument is a manual calibration.

Model 1 : Specification:
Closed sample compartment, sample size 50mm × 50mm ; C light source
Measuring range: light transmittance 0% – 100%, haze 0% – 30%;
Display mode: LCD 3 digits;
Minimum reading: 0.1%;
Accuracy: light transmittance 1.5% haze 0.5%;
Repeatability: light transmittance 0.5% haze 0.2%;
Power supply: AC 240V±22V, frequency 50 Hz±1Hz
Instrument size L × B × H: 470mmx270mmx160mm
Instrument quality (net weight): 7 kg

Model 2: Technical Parameter:

Range : Transmission 0-100% Haze Degree : 0-30%

Accuracy: transmittance:=<1% , Mist level :H=<0.5% 0.1% H>0.5% 0.3%

Light source: C lamp

Specimen size: 50×50mm

Weight : 25kgs

Dimensions: 800MM×320MM×350MM

Power : 240V ±22V 50HZ Single Phrase


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