Digital Point Load Tester Apparatus


Digital Point Load Tester Apparatus

Used to determine the strength values of a rock specimen, both in the field and in the laboratory.
Digital Point Load Tester Apparatus
The Digital Point Load Tester consists of a load frame for applying loads up to 56kN( 65.000 divisions),
a manual hydraulic jack is mounted and a Load Cell have 0.001 kN precision for maximum load indication.
The tester accepts core specimens up to 101.6mm (4) in diameter.
The load is applied by two point load platens and a graduated scale indicates the distance between the
conical points. Applied load is measured by a pressure transducer and shown on a digital display unit.
for use in point load strength index calculations. Linearity: 0.05% ,Hysteresis: 0.03%,Repeatability: 0.02%
Maximum load memory capable of holding.The strength index (IS) is got by the formula P : D2 where P
is the strength and D the space between the two conical points.
Supplied complete with wooden carrying case and goggles.

Capacity Range : 0 to 56 kN x 0.001 kN
Maximum sample size: 101.6 mm
Approximate Dimensions: 400mm x 520mm x 700mm
Weight (Approx) : 25 kg


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