Digital Rotary Viscometer


Digital Rotary Viscometer

viscometer (also called viscosimeter) is an instrument used to measure the viscosity of a fluid. For liquids with viscosities which vary with flow conditions, an instrument called a rheometer is used. Thus, a rheometer can be considered as a special type of viscometer. Viscometers only measure under one flow condition.

Digital Rotary Viscometers are a type of intelligent instrument for testing liquid viscosity. They can complete testing work under the computer’s procedures and displays results on their LCD display. They are widely applied in the field of petri chemistry, medicine, food, light industry, textile industry, scientific research, etc.

Technical Parameter:

Four rotors : NO.1-4

Rotate speed : 0.3r/min , 0.6r/min ,1.5r/min , 3r/min , 6r/min , 12r/min ,30r/min .60r/min .

Accuracy : ±5% (Newtonian fluids) R232 output

Viscometer : 10—100,000 mPa.s

Power : 240V 50Hz


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