The  Direct Shear Machine  is capable of performing the consolidation and shearing phases of a standard direct shear and residual shear test under full automatic control.
The system consists of a computer-controlled unit that utilizes micro-stepper motors to apply the vertical and horizontal loads to the soil specimen. The system is capable of doing a consolidation process at 32 phase automatically.
Horizontal shearing can be applied at a specified rate of deformation or at a specified rate of horizontal force change, or at a specified set of force steps of a specified duration.
The system is capable of displaying the current status of a test and graphically portraying the progress of the test in real time. The system includes the capability for the operator to alter the test process and conditions at any stage of the test.

Digital direct shear box, floor mounted with carriage assembly and load hanger with 10:1 lever loading device.

To accept the following sample sizes:

  • 60mm diameter
  • 60mm square
  • 100mm diameter
  • 100mm square
  • 2.5 inch diameter


  • Microprocessor controlled digital stepper motor
  • Control via the digital display with keyboard
  • Return datum facility
  • Fully steplessly variable speed over the range of 0.00001 to 9.99999mm/minute
  • RS232 port
  • Forward/reverse travel limit switches
  • Will accept either analogue or digital measuring devices


Maximum Shear Force 5 kN (5000 N)
Speed Range 0.00001 to 10,00 mm/min
Horizantal Travel 30 mm
Maximum Vertical Load 0 to 500 N
Dimensions 500x1250x1250 mm
Weight (approx) 110 kg
Power 800 W


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