Fabric Air Permeability Tester


Fabric Air Permeability Tester

It is used to test the air permeability of various woven fabrics, knitted fabrics, non-woven fabrics, industrial filter materials etc.

Standard:AFNOR G07-III, ASTMD737, ASTMD3.574, BS5, 636, DIN53,887, EDANA140.1, ENISO7,231, JISL1,096-A, TAPPIT251. GB/ T5,453,ISO9237 and so on.

This machine is stick to international standard testing machines. The test range is wider. Fully automatic, easy to use Efficient work, the test result would be given in a few seconds It support to English languages

Data port: RS232 different steps at both directions A test result evaluation system is installed. This

is a high quality machine at reasonable price.All the test indexes could be set, digital display. It could connect

with the computer and printer.Its stability, repetition, dependability are all accord with international lever.It is

suit to lab using and manufacturer scene using.

Technical Parameter:

Operation display : Big LCD display.Touch screen.

Measuring unit : mm/s, cfm, cm3/cm2/s, L/m2/s, L/dm2/min, m3/m2/min

Test accuracy : better than ±2%

Test pressure : 0-300Pa , 0-4000Pa

Test area /test tip : 20 and 38cm2(Standard) 5,25,50 and 100cm2(choose to buy)

Collocation : Could connect with computer and printer

Mains and wattage : 220V±10% , 50Hz.1100W

External Dimensions: 750x465x1050mm

Gross weight : 130Kg


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