Fabric Circular/Round Cutter for GSM


Fabric Circular/Round Cutter for GSM

Using the foreign advanced technology, 10,20,25,50,100,154 cm2 sample cutter is elaborately designed.
Sharp cutters moving along a circular path use a drawing action to cut accurate circular samples with smooth
edges. The cut is made on a base of porous rubber. The cutters can cut into this base with complete safety.
The cutter is a circular cutter for cutting out 10,20,25,50,100,154 cm2 samples.

The application of sharp cutter wide. Even difficult materials such as fine knits, non-wovens, carpeting, synthetic
leather, fleecy or velvet-like materials, thin films, tissue paper, corrugated cardboard, etc. can be cut without effort.

(1) Beautiful appearance, small size, easy to carry.
(2) Aluminum alloy material, adjustable thickness, the blade is not easily damaged because of the protective pad.
(3) Equipped with a cutting pad and 4 spare blades.
(4) Quick cutting speed and high precision with the smooth cutting the edge.
(5) Reasonable design. The cutters can cut into the base with complete safety.

GSM Cutter cuts fabric sample in various dimensions, such as 100cm2 for Matindale test. The cutting pad is made of porous rubber, which allows GSM Round Cutter to cut into the base with complete safety. We are professional GSM cutter manufacturers. Our GSM Cutting Machine price is reasonable.

Standard : GB/T4669 ISO3801 BS2471 ASTM D3776 IWS TM13

Sample the materials of fabrics and non-fabrics.

Technical Parameter :

Sample area    10  ,   20  ,   25  ,  50  ,  100   ,   154     cm2

     3.57  ,     5.05    ,     5.64  ,  7.98  ,    11.28     ,       140        diameter (cm)

Max thickness of cut 5.0mm
Dimension 160L×160W×110H (mm)
Weight 1.0-2.0kg


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