Glow wire Test Apparatus for material burning test. Glow Wire Tester could be applicable to ignition hazard test, combustibility test of electronic industry, home electronic appliance and materials. The glow wire apparatus and common test procedure is to simulate the effect of thermal stressed witch may be produced by heat sources such as glowing elements or overloaded resistors, for short periods, in order to assess the fire hazard by a simulation

This product is designed according to GB4706.1-2005 (IEC60335-1:2004) Connecting devices for low
voltage circuits for household and similar purposes–Part 1: General requirements and GB/T5169.10-
2006 (IEC60695-2-10:2013) Fire hazard testing for electric and electronic products-part 10: Glow/hotwire
based test methods-Glow wire apparatus and common test procedure.

Glow Wire Tester’s crust and important parts are made by Steel, Sculpt daintily, endure smoke
corrupt, high automatism, temperature control

Glow wire temperature :500 ~ 1000 ºC ± 2 ºC adjustable
Heating time :0-999.9s ± 0.1s,adjustable (normally choose to 30s)
Ignition timer :0-999.9s ± 0.1s, automatically records, manually suspended
Thermocouple: Φ0.5mm sheathed K-type thermocouple.
Flame extinguish time: 0-999.9s ± 0.1s, automatically records, manually suspended
Glow wire: Φ4 mm nickel chromium wire.
Hot depth: 7mm ± 0.5mm (to maintain the pressure of 0.8 to 1.2 N ± 0.2N hot products into the test)
Sample frame speed:  about 14mm / s
Chamber background :black
Controller : Automatic testing procedures, independent ventilation
Standard :  GB/T5169.10-2006, IEC60695-2-10, UL746A
Chamber volume : 0.5 m3
Equipment size: 1050mm wide × 610mm deep × 1200mm high
Power supply : AC240V ± 5%, 50Hz, 0.6KVA


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