Ground Penetrating Radar


Ground Penetrating Radar

Basic Principal

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) uses a high frequency radio signal that is transmitted into the ground and reflected signals are returned to the receiver and stored on digital media. The computer measures the time taken for a pulse to travel to and from the target which indicates its depth and location. The reflected signals are interpreted by the system and displayed on the unit’s LCD panel.

GPR Data Collection (below ground)

In order to find the location and depth of an object, buried subsurface, various types of GPR equipment are used to collect the data. The type of GPR equipment required is dependent on the depth and size of the target to be located. The radar unit emits and receives reflected signals up to a thousand times per second. These signals are viewed by the field operator on location immediate analysis and are also stored in the system and downloaded to a computer for further data analysis if required.


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