Izod & Charpy Impact Tester


Izod & Charpy Impact Tester

It is used for test engineering plastics, glass-steel, ceramics, casting stone, plastic wiring, insulating material, plastic pipe material and other non –metallic materials for anti- impact intensity.

The products satisfy the standard demands of ISO 179, ISO 180, GB/T 1043, GB/T 1843, ASTM D256 , DIN53453, GB18743, ISO9854, DIN12608 and others.

Technical Parameter:

Distance between clamps: 40mm 60mm 70mm 95mm (Adjustable)

(Izod) Impact energy: 1J 2.75J 5.5J 11J 22J impact speed: 3.5m/s

(Charpy)Impact energy: 0.5J 1J 2J 4J 5J 7.5J 15J 25J

impact speed: 2.9m/s and 3.8m/s


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