Jar Test Apparatus / Flocculator


Jar Test Apparatus / Flocculator

Jar Test Apparatus application for testing water soluble polymers that find usage with conventional waste water treatment processes like sedimentation in water, coagulation, flocculation as well as other industrial applications including waste water treatment.


  • Finds usage as Laboratory mixing and stirring equipment
  • Apparatus allows for efficient as well as economical handling of flocculation matter
  • System also designed for use in water treatment applications
  • Allows for correct estimation of dosing of alum and other coagulants while handling treatment of Water sewage
  • Equipment designed for flock formation tests in water
  • Equipment saves expense through putting end to unnecessary chemical waste
  • Six paddle stirrer presence that supports determination of exact amount of input needed to trigger flocculation
  • Easy regulation of stirrer speed
  • Stainless steel stirring paddles

SPEED : Variable  25 to 200 RPM

CONTROL PANEL : Digital display for speed, Speed regulator , illumination switch and Main switch.

JAR : 1000ml X 6 No.

PADDLES : Stirring Paddles  S.S. – 6 pcs



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