Lab Biogas Plant System


Lab Biogas Plant System

Biogas (CH4) digestion system refers to a process in which facultative bacteria and anaerobic bacteria decompose the biodegradable organic matter in garbage into carbon dioxide, methane and water under anaerobic conditions, so that the waste is degraded .

This product is generally suitable for environmental science and environmental engineering laboratories of scientific research institutes and enterprises. It is an ideal tool for sludge anaerobic fermentation digestion test and window waste fermentation digestion test for methane production. It can be applied to the optimization screening of anaerobic fermentation process parameters and the online monitoring and control of various parameters of the anaerobic fermentation digestion process.

This product can achieve:

  1. Online display and control of temperature
  2. Online display and control of PH
  3. Online display of oxidation-reduction potential
  4. Online display of methane gas concentration
  5. Online display of instantaneous flow of methane gas production
  6. Online display of cumulative flow of total methane gas production
  7. Online display and control of speed

Other optional items: online feed system, online display of dissolved oxygen, online display of CO2 concentration and total gas production, online display of O2 concentration and total gas production


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