Laboratory BOD / Shaking Incubator


Laboratory BOD / Shaking Incubator

A laboratory incubator is a heated, insulated box used to grow and maintain microbiological or cell cultures. The incubator maintains optimal temperature, humidity and gaseous content of the atmosphere inside.

Microprocessor controller (with timing function)


Serve for environmental protection, hygiene and anti-epidemic, pharmaceutical test, work stock and

aquatic products etc. which applied in scientific research institute, college and manufacture department.

It is a dedicated constant-temperature equipment for analysis of water body, BOD test, cultivation and

storage of bacteria, mould and microorganisms, plant cultivation and seed-breeding test.


 Polished stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, and the space between

the shelves in the chamber is adjustable.

 Microprocessor temperature controller ensures a precise and reliable control.

 Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely.

Number Of Shelves 2-5
Temperature Range 2 to 60 deg. C
Accuracy +/- 0.5 deg. C
Display Type Digital
Inner Chamber 316 Stainless Steel
Wall Type Double walled
Outer Chamber Stainless steel SS 304
Insulation Glass Wool
Capacity Internal Dimensions ( W x D x H)
70 Ltr 400*350*510 mm
150 Ltr 500*380*800 mm
250 Ltr 530*510*950 mm
400 Ltr 580*540*1270mm


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