Laboratory Drying Cabinet


Laboratory Drying Cabinet

Our range of drying cabinets are suitable for general warming and heating of laboratory instrumentation and drying of glassware.

Both the insulated and non insulated units are proving to be an exceptionally popular product for improving efficiency and lab sustainability and saving energy costs.


Fully-featured, the cabinet has a lockable, rubber-sealed glass door, with two keys, and a front plastic handle. A large, dimmable LCD displays ambient temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius), relative humidity, and other settings. Interior LED lights make viewing and finding gear easier. Both the base and the adjustable plastic shelf are padded to help guard against scratches, and the shelf’s padding is contoured to accommodate lenses.

The Electronic Dry Cabinet is powered by an included multi-voltage power supply. In addition to being near-silent, without a fan or compressor to make noise, the unit is also dripless, eliminating the need for a water tray. To prevent unwanted movement, the bottom of the cabinet has four rubber feet.

The 125 and 250 litre models have sliding, toughened glass doors.
The 500 and 1000 litre models have hinged, toughened glass doors.

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