Laboratory Hot Press Machine


Laboratory Hot Press Machine

This machine is very convenient for preparing test specimens. Put raw materials into iron die and clamp die between the electric heating plates of the machine then heat and compress the die to mold the raw materials into specimens for testing in laboratory and being the standard in mass production.

1. Provide consistently even temperatures across the platen.

2. Operating temperature range from room temperature to 300 degree Celcius

3. Area of the platens preferably to be at least 50 x 50cm.

4. Opening of the platens preferably to be at least 25 cm.

5. Dimensions Suitable for Laboratory space

6. Clamping pressure of 25,50,100 tons or higher.

7. Clamping duration for at least one hour.

8. Automated PLC controlled opening ,closing and slide of heating plates
9. Equipped with controlled cooling and heating rate.

10. UK Standard electrical sockets and power supply.


Capacity –  25,50, 100,150,200 ton
Temp. Room – Temp to 300 deg C
Weight – 965 kg
Power- 7.5KW, AC 415 V
Timer – PLC Controller ,LED 1sec~999 min
Heat Plate Area  – 500 x500 mm or customize
Cooling method – Water (optional)
Dimension (WxDxH) -123x 53×140 cm


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