Laboratory Shaking Incubator


Laboratory Shaking Incubator

In order to promote cell growth in a laboratory setting, shaking is used for the distribution of nutrients and the fusion of oxygen into a cell culture. In many cases, a laboratory will add a shaker to the lab, but shaking incubators are another good option.

Shaking incubators combine the functions of a traditional incubator and a laboratory shaker for efficient performance in applications like cell aeration, studies of solubility, and cell culturing. If you are considering investing in a shaking incubator, there are several different designs and features to choose from based on your needs.

Microprocessor controller (with timing function)

Shaking incubators are often used for cell culturing, cell aeration, and solubility studies. Eliminating the need of placing a separate shaker inside an incubator, the instruments incorporate oxygen and evenly distribute nutrients throughout the culture media.


Widely applicable for researches on bacteria cultivation, fermentation, hybridization, chemical

and biochemical reaction, enzymes and tissues research, which have a high requirement on

precision of shaking speed and temperature


􁲒 Large LCD screen to display more data at same time

􁲒 Stainless-steel chamber and platform, easy to clean.

􁲒 Big observation windows

􁲒 Microprocessor controller for temperature and shaking speed with timing function.

􁲒 Self-check function easy to identify problems.

􁲒 Smooth start and stop system prevents liquid spillage

􁲒 Auto-controller of fan speed to prevent damage to the samples

􁲒 Safety door switch, auto pause operation when door is opened

􁲒 R134a refrigerant, imported compressor and fan motor

􁲒 High effective filter provides filtration of bacteria and dust

􁲒 Temperature-limiting alarm system, auto switch off when over-temperature. (option)


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