Laboratory Sieve Shaker


Laboratory Sieve Shaker

The vibrating action imparts a precise movement to the sieve stack ensuring efficient sieving and excellent repeatability.Sieve shaker automates the agitation of particles for particle separation and sizing distribution for a range of materials to meet quality control and quality assurance requirements. The advantages of shakers include consistency, accuracy, and repeatable separations compared to manual sieve shaking methods for particle sizing.

Product Description:

  1. Definition of particle size
  2. Aluminum box, powder-coating, in all standard RAL-colors
  3. For dry materials of all kinds from 20-2000 µm, particularly if electrically charged.
  4. Test amounts from 1-200g, dependent on the powder density, can be analyzed easily and suitable for the particle size analysis of grains, powder in laboratory and quality control rapidly
  5. Recommended screening times of 1.5 – 6 minutes
  6. High efficiency and reproducible test results
  7. Sieve diameter: 100 mm / 150 mm / 200 mm / 250 mm / 300 mm / 315 mm / 3″ / 8″ / 12″


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