Lacquer Porosity Test Apparatus


Lacquer Porosity Test Apparatus


This equipment is specially designed for testing of the porosity of lacquer or wax which is internally coated on tubes as per ISI std. The coated tube is filled with test-solution containing copper sulfate and copper electrode is immersed in this solution. The tube itself makes contact with the cathode and fixed small D.C. potential is then applied between the sliding top copper whose flow is proportional to the areas of the surface not covered by internal coating. In addition visual indication is provided by deposition of copper if coating is not continuous

 Easy to operate, Handheld current meter.
 User friendly validation gauge of current flow for lacquer porosity test apparatus.
 Validation range 0 to 1000 mA.
 Clear visiblity LCD display.

Technical Specification:-
Main Fuse : 3 Amp
Fuse Rating for Display : 3 Amp
Current Flow : Adjustable 0-750mA
Power : 240V AC ~ 50 HZ 1Amp


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