Pavement Core Drilling Machine


Pavement Core Drilling Machine

Pavement core drilling machine is produced to cut cores up to 200 mm diameter from concrete, asphalt and similar hard construction materials. The machine comprises a vertical support column which carries the drill head/motor assembly.
A ball screw mechanism enables close control of the drilling pressure and rapid return. A water spraying assembly is mounted on the machine. The complete assembly is supplied on a rigid wheel mounted metal base frame with leveling and fixing facility during the operation.
Coring Bits should be ordered separately.

The  Core Drilling Machines are powerful diamond drilling units serve for shock free drilling into concrete,
natural stone and asphalt with diameter ranges 16-162 mm and 25-254 mm.
Both models are optimal complements to handheld diamond drilling machines.
• Mechanical oil-bath gearbox with integrated oil pump for durable lubrication of the armature pinion
• Electronics- soft start, temperature control and over current cut off, optical overload indication,
constant speed
• Quick- change plate for motor/ rig
• Shaft seals replaceable from the outside
• Cut-off carbon brushes to protect the motor
• Mechanical safety clutch and side guard to protect
• Water Swivel for reduce the heat at diamond bit, with drainage water outlet


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