Suntest UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber


Suntest UV Weather Resistance Test Chamber

UV Weather resistance test chamber is equipped with fluorescent UV lamp which can completely simulate the UV
spectra of sunlight, exposes materials to alternating cycles of UV light and moisture at controlled, elevated
temperatures. It simulates dew and rain with condensing humidity and/or water spray.

The UV Weather resistance test chamber is the world’s most widely used weathering tester to test types of damages include color change, gloss loss, chalking, cracking, crazing,hazing, blistering, strength loss and oxidation.
Standard : ASTM D 4329-05 , ISO 4892 -3

UV Lamps:
● Especially suitable for comparison tests of the different formulations.
Recommended for most plastics, textiles, paints, pigments, & UV stabilizers and other productstesting, as also outdoor test results correlation test.
● Suitable for the quality control and research, development applications,
recommended for the testing of some durable materials, such as roofing point.
● Test the vehicle exterior point.
● Suitable for the gloss solar UV simulation, Recommended for use in automotive interior ports, textiles and ink testing.

Workroom Dimensions : 1150X400X400 (WxHxD) mm
Exterior Dimensions : 1312X1500X500 (WxHxD) mm
Controller :  LCD touch screen controller, programmable of temperature,
humidity, UV(sun), spray (rain) and time. Maximum 999 cycles.
Temp. Range : RT+10°C – 70°C
Humidity Range: ≥90%R.H
Temp. Resolution :≤±0.5°C
Temp. Uniformity :≤±2°C
Humid. Fluctuation: ≤±2%
Humid. Uniformity :≤± 2%
Black board Temperature :63°C ~ 83°C ± 0.3°C
Distance Between Lamps : 70mm
Distance of Lamps And Samples: 50mm
Lamp Power :40W
UV Wave Length: 290nm – 400nm
Specimen Standard Dimension: 150X75 (mm)
Number of Specimens: 48 pcs
Range of Radiation : 0.5-0.83w/m2/nm


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