Taber Abraser Tester


Taber Abraser Tester

The tester is used for cloth, paper, paints, plywood, leather, tile, glass, rubber, etc .The testing method is executed to make specimen abraded by a pair of grinding wheels under the specified load .The weight of abrasion loss is the difference of weight for specimens before and after testing .

Technical Parameter:

Station: 1 or 2 test positions

Standard : DIN53754,53799, 53109,52347, TAPPI T476 , ASTM D3884, ISO 5470, ASTM D 1175 ,ASTM D1044

Specimen : Outside dia 108mm, inside dia 3mm (D)

Grinding wheel : 2”(max ,45mm)1/2” (w)

Space between grinding wheels : 63.5mm (52.4mm can be special ordered)

Grinding wheel and plates space : 37-38mm

Rotating Speed : 60rpm , 72rpm

Load : 250g , 500g (750g special ordered),1000g

Counter : 0~999,999

Distance between specimen and hose : 3mm


Weight : 40kgs Include Cleaner (Haier cleaner)

Power: 240V 10A


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