Tablet Dissolution Testers 2-8 station


Tablet Dissolution Testers 2-8 station

Tablet Dissolution Testers 2-8 station

Tablet dissolution test is a means of identifying and proving of active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) in their delivered form. A dissolution test reflects the availability of active substance and allows the prediction of the time for complete release of the material from the dosage form.



– Compact, easy to use & rugged

– Supports 1 test vessels plus

– Complies to all current USP, EP and other GMP pharmacopoeia

– User-friendly operating procedure

– Ergonomically designed membrane


– 20X4 LCD screen with yellow LED

– Short length shafts

– Minimized and easy validation procedure

– Supports single step / multi step dissolution

– Low evaporation lid

– External stirrer for circulation water in bath

-Safety features

– Up to 9 programmable steps /sample intervals



– Control Panel: Controls: Membrane Keypad

Display: 40 character, 4 line, back-lit LCD

– Speed control: Range: 10 to 275 RPM (±2%)

– Temperature Control: Controller: Microprocessor based

Controller with circulator

Range: 25ºC-40ºC (±0.3ºC)

– Test Types: Single step dissolution

Multi step dissolution (1-10 steps)

Step Duration: up to 99:59:59


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