Tablet Friability Tester


Tablet Friability Tester

Tablet Friability testing is used to test the durability of tablets during packing processes and transit. This involves repeatedly dropping a sample of tablets over a fixed time, using a rotating drum with a baffle. The result is inspected for broken tablets, and the percentage of tablet mass lost through chipping. All Pharma Test friability testers are fully compliant to the current USP, EP and JP.


– Complies to USP and GMP pharmacopoeias

– Compact, Simple & Easy to Operate

– Speed: Rpm 20 to 75

-.Supports friability drum with single or double abrasion drum

-Auto discharge of tablets after friability test with single scoop friability drum

-Dual mode of operation timer mode or revolution count mode

-20X4 LC Display with backlit & 7 key operating panel allows alphanumeric entries product information.

–  Menu driven operation makes user friendly

–  Selectable types of operation with Friability test, Abrasion (Attrition) test with single or double drums

– 10º tilt facility

–  Easy to validate


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