Tapped Density Apparatus


Tapped Density Apparatus

Tapped density of a powder is the ratio of the mass of the powder to the volume occupied by the powder after it has been tapped for a defined period of time. The tapped density of a powder represents its random dense packing.


– Complies to USP, relevant chapters of EP & GMP pharmacopoeias and ASTM

– Compact, Simple & Easy to Operate.

– Cost Effective.

– Single platform supports both USP I & USP II methods of testing.

– Supports both 250ml and 100ml easy snap-in cylinder holders.

– 20X4 LC Display with backlit supports menu driven operation

– Selectable types of operation USP and Custom

– Rotations while tapping for even surface that minimize error in reading volume

– Front operating panel keys allows alphanumeric entries to enter information about product

– Easy to validate.

– Calculates un-tapped density & tapped density in grams per ml, Hausner Ratio and the compressibility Index.

– Option to continue / abort the test on power resume



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