Temperature Humidity Chamber


Temperature Humidity Chamber

Temperature humidity chambersclimate test chambers) simulate the effects that a range of temperature and humidity conditions have on a product or material, for example telecommunications equipment or photovoltaic solar panels that are exposed to outdoor temperature and humidity conditions.

Microprocessor controller (with timing function) 100 to 800 L


Widely applied in cultivation of biological Histolysis, seed gemmating, breeding test, plant cultivation and feeding of insects and beasty. The incubators can simulate different climatic conditions accurately.


  • Microprocessor controller for temperature and humidity ensures of precise and reliable control.
  • Simulate changing temperature and light in day/night
  • Independent temperature-limiting alarm system ensures experiments run safely.
  • Polished stainless-steel chamber, semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning, and the space between the shelves in the

chamber is adjustable.

  • Even air circulation
  • Imported compressor


Capacity :  100 to 800 L

Temperature range:   5℃ ~ 60℃ , RH : 20 – 90%

Temperature fluctuation :0.2℃

Temperature uniformity :0.5℃


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