Torque Transducers with RPM


Torque Transducers with RPM


Torque sensor, which is also called a torque transducer, is an instrument for measuring and monitoring the torque on a rotating system, such as an engine crankshaft. Torque sensors convert a torsional mechanical input into an electrical output signal. Torque is measured by sensing the shaft deflection caused by a twisting force. Since L, G and Ip, defined in the image on the right, are properties of the shaft, the torque value can be determined by measuring the rotation angle of one end of the shaft relative to the other. There are two types of torque to be measured, static torque and dynamic torque.

Torque is generally called Force Moment and is expressed in the unit of “N•m”. Measurements by means of torque

transducers are widely made in the motive power property tests, administration of combine force relating to. Several of design, shape, and capacity available. RPM Meter Attached.

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