Traffic Speedometer Radar Gun


Traffic Speedometer Radar Gun

Traffic Radar speedometer are often used in Study speed statistics in  school zones, sometimes in conjunction with Safe Routes to School programs, in construction zones, or on busy residential roads. Some college and corporate campuses use radar speed signs to slow traffic as well. Many plants are using these signs to monitor forklifts and other type trucks. There are steps to placing a radar speed sign.

  • K-Band Directional Sensing Technology – Displays Targets’ Direction of Travel/Isolates Traffic in One Direction
  • Handheld or Dash Mount – Flexible Operation, Stationary or Moving
  • Corded with upgrade available for Cordless Low-Power Operation – Low Drain on Vehicle Power System,Extremely Long Battery Operation


Speed range: Stationary, 5 to 200 mph (8 to 321 kph ) Moving, 5 to 120 mph 8 to 193 kph
Range Accuracy: Stationary, +/- 1 mph/kph  Moving, +1/2 mph /kph
Beam width: 12 degrees horizontal
Operating temp: -22 degrees F to 140 degrees F
Weight: 2.0 lbs. with corded handles



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